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Frequently asked questions

We know that if you are new to fly fishing or new to SPRITE fishing then you may have a few questions, we thought why nott put the most comonly asked questions on the site for all to see.

How many hooks in a packet of SPRITE hooks?

In the product description, it will state how many hooks are in a packet i.e. 50 per pack

What are the delivery options?

We want you to receive your order as quick as we can possibly get it to you, however sometimes we face leadtimes too, if this is the case we will always email you on receipt of order.

For most items we use Royal Mail, to allow us to keep our shipping costs low we use a combination of first and second class post.

For high value items we ship with DHL tracked.

How do I qualify for free shipping?

To qualify for free delivery all you need to do is spend over £10. This is limited to the UK only.

What time do I need to place my order by to ensure next day delivery?


All orders placed before 2.30pm will be shipped the same day, 1st class tracked delivery will arrive the next working day.

Orders placed after 2.30pm Friday will be despatched the following Monday.

You can always email us at and we can give you other options.


What is a Leader?

Great question, A leader is used to connect the fly line to the fly, ensuring the fly is presented to fish in a way that resembles the movements of the actual insect the fly is imitating.

What are differences between the leaders?

Here are the specific leader dimensions.

questions on varivas leader information sheet

What is a Tippet?

A tippet is a piece of specialized line connected to the leader that helps in the fly presentation to fish, making sure the fly turns over during the cast to simulate the real insect it is imitating.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit or debit cards. We use a secure payment system that takes payment off of our site, this gives you peace of mind that we never hold on to your card details.

Can I replace sections of my Marryat rod?

If you have been really unlucky to have damaged a section of your rod please contact us and we will be able to arrange for a new section. The cost of a new section depends on all circumstances of damage, contact our team and they will ask the relevant questions.

My zip broke on my Geoff Anderson jacket, can it be fixed?

Yes to answer your question, we have a great relationship with our friends at Geoff Anderson and they will repair thier items if found to be faulty.

I am not happy with my order.


If for the very unlikely situation that you have a problem with your order then please contact us straight away. We do offer a no quibble returns policy, the last thing we want is unhappy customers! You can always email us at


What is a Fly?

A fly is an artificial lure that is made typically out of fur, feathers, and perhaps synthetic materials. These materials are tied to a hook to imitate the size, shape, and color of the food form that the fish is feeding upon. Some are also tied in an attempt to trigger a predatory response from the fish. Originally (and still in the UK) the description of fly was only used to describe an imitation of an insect. In the US and many other parts of the world, that definition has been expanded to generally describe any imitation fished with a fly rod including imitations of other fish. In the UK, flies that are tied to imitate fish as opposed to insects are known as lures.

Can your shirts be personalised?

The technical pro shirts can indeed be personalised so if you need a logo or your name then please contact us and we can arrange this for you

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If you think that your brand shares our values and would like to be featured on our website then please get in touch. We will have the questions lined up for you!


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