“All I Want For Christmas Is……..”

Allan Liddle

Allan Liddle

Sprite Pro Team

With Christmas rapidly approaching and the usual “what gift do I get?” or “what would you like?” questions being asked across the country I felt it might be good to highlight some of the smaller items that would certainly be well received by any fly angler in your life; or even as a little “stocking filler” for yourself. 

Most people look to the obvious and often aim for the larger main style gift, however Sprite Fishing can also help with smaller gifts that suit everyone’s budget.

Geoff Anderson WizTools are always useful and would make a very welcome gift for Christmas for angler or outdoor lover.


Geoff Anderson WizTools are well made and well thought out tools with the addition of the magnetic holder makes for easy access whenever the item is required keeping it well secured and out the way when not. Rubberised grips help stop the tools slipping when in use, even with cold or wet fingers always meaning optimum use and Japanese stainless steel means these tools will look great and last longer.

Rite Bobbin tools
Rite Bobbin tools
  • Wiz Tool Peang; The ultimate combination tool that every angler should have. The grip points are great for unhooking fish or squeezing down an unwanted hook barb, with the scissor blades located further up the blade perfect for trimming or cutting up leader material. Lockable to help when strong hook holds pose a problem and the added touch of a small pin for clearing hook eyes, for me this is one of the most valuable tools and angler can have.
  • Wiz Tool Nipper; Again rubberised for optimum grip, these nippers are larger than other brands meaning they are easier to use as well as locate.
  • Wiz Tool Tungsten Carbide Nipper; Look great and will last forever, these tungsten tipped nippers are, in my opinion, the best nippers I’ve found to date.
  • Wiz Tool Clamp; Two sizes are available of these handy clamp pointed tools, either 150mm or the larger 175mm. Lockable for added grip when in use and again rubberised finger grips for those cold, wet fingers.
  • Wiz Toll Mitten Clamp; A fantastic idea to have a clamp which can be easily used when wearing gloves for those really cold days, or for anyone with a little less mobility in the fingers. As with the others these are also lockable and with rubberised grips for a better hand hold.
  • Wiz Tool Large Loop Scissors; Sharp pointed scissors for all cutting requirements with enlarged finger holes for easier use and rubberised grips.
  • Wiz Tool Hook Sharpener; I love this as it’s both functional as well as pretty cool with a finish that’s smooth to the touch. Great for honing hooks or small scissors when out on the water.
  • Wiz Tool Magnet; Two pull strengths available, 0.8kg or the stronger 1.5kg. Great for all those other items you want to be secured well but still accessible.


Rite Bobbin tools

Hunt’s Original fly and line dressing offers a full range of fly floatants as well as leader de-greasing mud and would make up a perfect gift to any game angler, especially one who loves to fish dry flies.

With powder coatings to dry and revitalise smaller dry flies as well as CDC style, through to the gel based floatant so highly effective on all deer hair or hackled patterns all surface approaches are covered. The De-greasing mud is effective to use and comes in a generous sized tub and is very effective to treat leaders, especially nylon, in order to get them quickly through the surface film and help present those dry flies effectively.

Essential accessories for any angler and the full set would certainly make a welcome addition to any anglers range of equipment as each item certainly compliments the others and a perfect “stocking filler” for anyone looking to get something smaller as a gift.

Fly Tying Tools

Fly tyers can never have enough tools and these always make very welcome and very useful gifts for any tyer.

Rite Bobbin Holders are amongst the ‘Rolls Royce’ of fly tying equipment and are both very attractive as well as extremely functional.  With a wide range available these fully adjustable and ergonomic holders are a must have item and would represent a fantastic Christmas gift.  The “Shorty” is great for anyone who likes to tie smaller trout flies but also good for larger flies as well.  The “Standard” is the go-to general purpose holder for all types of fly tying and the most popular of the Rite range. The “Magnum” and “Ceramic Magnum” as the name suggests are the largest holders in the Rite range and perfect for bigger flies such as streamers, salt water patterns and salmon flies, with the final one, the “Half-Hitch” offering all the “Magnum” offers with the added bonus of being shaped to help create the perfect “Half-Hitch” knot to secure the thread when the fly is complete.

The ”Simply Sprite” range of tying tools are both functional as well as being very cost effective and would make a great present set or individual gifts without breaking the bank.

Simply Sprite Tools


And finally, there is the “Varivas” Tippet Range which covers all bases of fly fishing from the smallest ‘spookiest’ of species, through to the largest heavyweight.  Very handy pocket-sized interlocking and colour coded spools with both nylon and fluorocarbon tippet available, these would also make a welcome gift for the angler you know and is something all anglers simply can’t ever have enough of.

All items are available for direct sale via the website where they can all be viewed, and more detailed descriptions found to ensure you are purchasing the correct item.  The Sprite staff are also available to contact through the website to offer advice or take your order on all the items you need sent out directly to you in time for the big present opening day we all look forward to. So don’t delay, contact the team and confirm what you need so it’s with you in plenty time to wrap up for the perfect Christmas gift surprise.

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