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Marryat was founded in 1970, designing and building fly rods since 1998, used by medal winners across the globe.

George Selwyn Marryat (1840 – 1896) was a country gentleman and British angler most noted for the development of dry-fly fishing on the chalk streams of southern England. Upon his death in 1896, he became known as the “Prince of Fly Fishers”.

Marryat and one of his companions FM Halford changed the history of fly fishing by devising a way of imitating insects in or on the water the way a trout would see them. He was considered by his contemporaries as the most ingenious pioneer of his time.

Marryat today are used by the greatest anglers in the world the likes of Pascal Cognard and Jérôme Brosutti and the touch master rod builder Alain Ourtilani. Marryat rods have a notable reputation in the river competitions. We know that once you have tried a Marryat rod you will return looking for another.

The Choice of Champions

We know that once you purchase a Marryat Rod you will not be disappointed, if you are still not sure why not read our reviews. If you have a Marryat rod and coming back for another we always love to hear your thoughts on the brand.
Marryat Tactical Pro Rod Review

Marryat Tactical Pro Rod Review

Are you on the fence? You don't need to be.Our expert Pete Buckey  Gives a really in depth review of the Marryat Tactical Pro.How a rod meets your demands; and how it compares to others you have tried. These two aspects are paramount when we choose a new rod. Lots of...

Marryat Rods: Which rod should I buy?

Marryat Rods: Which rod should I buy?

A guide to selecting the right fishing rod. Allan Liddle has used Marryat rods for a fair few years and always test drives the new models. We thought he was the perfect pro for the job! Choosing a fly rod isn’t a straightforward as many would have you believe, that...

Marryat Tactical HX Review

Marryat Tactical HX Review

Ready for a different kind of review?Our PRO-Team member Shane lives in the North East of Ireland where he spends the majority of his time targeting trout on the rivers and loughs across the country. He is a star behind the camera so we just thought that we would...

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