VARIVAS is a premier brand of high-performance fishing line and gear for serious anglers.

Morris Company, Japan introduced VARIVAS line in 1980 and has been a leading producer on high quality.

They first came to prominence in 1984 as the producer of Japan’s first International Game First Association (IGFA) approved line with Eizo Maruhashi winning and IGFA Record, landing a 78lb Giant Trevally using Varivas 16lb line!

Making high-performance products for serious anglers has been the cornerstone of the VARIVAS brand. Driven by an ‘Anglers First’ approach integrating trends and feedback from the field with proprietary technology and advanced materials.

What’s a Tapered Fly Leader?

Originally a Tapered Fly Leader was made by knotting different diameters of line together, thick butt section to fine point to improve presentation when casting dry flies.  It does this by transferring the power from the fly line smoothly down to the fly preventing the slap on the water surface that would spook shy fish.

What is tippet?

A fly fishing tippet is a fine, clear line attached to the point of a tapered fly fishing leader. Adding tippet to a Tapered Leader improves presentation significantly, enabling both delicate presentation of the fly and stealth so as not to spook the fish. Tippet is typically made from nylon, co-polymer, or fluorocarbon and is available in different line diameters and therefore different strengths. It is important to choose the proper tippet diameter to ensure the fly is presented naturally and the fish is safely landed.

Tapered Leader Revolution

VARIVAS have long been associated with innovative tapered leaders and the dynamic of different tapers configured for the different needs of fly anglers fishing in different situations to turn over their fly and make the perfect presentation.  Standard taper 40 : 40 :20 is available in both Nylon and Fluorocarbon.

Recently VARIVAS has introduced their patented Front Heavy Tapered (FHT) Leader range, all of which are specifically designed to achieve maximum distance to achieve perfect presentation every time.

·  Different tapers for specialist applications, PRO Dry, IWI Yamame, Still Water, and IGFA Saltwater 

·  All incorporate Smooth-Tech Coating to increase durability by reducing friction and preventing water absorption. 

·   Smart Connect thin design creates a finer butt section for smaller knots and a superior connection between the fly line and tapered leader.

Varivas Tapered Leaders in action

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Varivas Tippet

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