Making quality products for serious anglers is a cornerstone of the VARIVAS brand. It’s a brand that anglers trust. For over 40 years, putting “Anglers first” has guided VARIVAS’s rigorous R&D testing and production of quality fishing line and gear.

Strength, performance and functionality are the top qualities of the VARIVAS line. Globally recognized, VARIVAS provides products that meet the passion of anglers.

Quality and Pride

At VARIVAS, connecting fish and humans and bringing joy to all anglers fuels our motivation to develop our fishing line products into universal and indispensable tools.

Just as the culture of fishing is enduring, so too is our role as world class fishing line maker and producer of exceptional fishing. At VARIVAS we are continuously refining and challenging ourselves.

Field Feedback

VARIVAS fully understands the materials, methods and processes required to manufacture fishing line and tackle that embodies the needs of the angler.

Information from anglers in the field provides the source of our ideas at VARIVAS. Since its introduction, VARIVAS’s PE line is now used across various fishing scenes and in dramatically new styles. In response to new trends in the field VARIVAS pays close attention understanding new requirements and to refining and developing products to meet these needs.

Angler First

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SPRITE HOOKS, 3, Lawrence House Yard,

Wincanton, BA9 9EB, UK

Phone: +44 7763923207


Working Days/Hours: Mon - Friday / 9:00AM - 5:00PM