How to – Polar fiber baitfish pattern by jamie pike


Our PRO-Team expert Jamie Pike shows us how to tie a Polar Fibre Baitfish Pattern

Baitfish patterns can be a very effective when targeting hungry and aggressive fresh and saltwater Predatory fish such as Sea Bass, Pike, Muskie, Sea run Trout or anything that preys on smaller fish.  This particular pattern is quick and easy to tie, and should result in some hot fishing action!


The materials for tying a Polar Fibre Baitfish.


HookSprite S1052 Saltwater Single in size 1/0

Thread – UTC 140 in white

Thread wax

Silver Ice Dubbing

Polar fibre in Black and Hot orange

Peacock Black Mirror Flash

Size 5 Fish Masks

Self-adhering 3D fish eyes

Grizzly Rooster Hackles

UV Resin

Rite Bobbin tools
Rite Bobbin Half Hitch

Tying Squence 1-4

Step 1 – secure hook in vise and wind thread to barb

Step 2 – Wax thread and spin Ice dub to thread, then wrap forward to point of hook.

Step 3 – Select amount of Black Polar fibre and brush out underfur, then secure to top of hook with thread wraps.

Step 4 – Invert vise, then select amount of Hot Orange Polar Fibre, equally to both sides of hook shank, then attach with thread wraps.


Rite Bobbin tools
Rite Bobbin Half Hitch

Tying sequence 5 – 8

Step 5 – Secure ends of Polar fibre, wax thread, and cover with ice dubbing.

Step 6 – Repeat steps 3 and 4

Step 7 – Tie in Mirror flash the length of the fly, then double back over itself.

Step 8 – Wax thread and spin on ice dubbing

Repeat steps 3, 4, 5, and 7 as many times to bring material forward to where you will attach the hackles to sides of the fly.

Rite Bobbin tools
Rite Bobbin Half Hitch

Tying sequence 10 – 13

Step 10 – Select two, equal length and size grizzly hackles and secure to the left and right sides of the fly.

Step 11 – wax thread, and spin on small amount of ice dub.

Step 12 – apply thin UV resin and allow to seep into thread and dubbing, slide fish mask over eye of hook, move thread forward of head and whip finish, then cure with UV torch.

Step 13 – Apply self-adhering eyes, apply a thin coat of UV covering eyes, mask, and whip finish, being careful not to allow UV to seep into and cover eye of hook, then cure with UV torch.

**If you find the head of the fly is “tackey”, a quick wipe with an alcohol swab will remove that sticky feel.**

Finished Polar Fibre Baitfish.

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