Jog 31 miles in July

for Cancer Research UK

1 in 2 of us will get cancer in our lifetime. All of us can help beat it.

Paula our accounts manager is taking part in Jog 31 we want to show her our support.

If the fact that 1 in 2 people will develop cancer at some point in their lives or that every single one of us is currently affected by, or knows someone going through this disease wasn’t inspiration enough, losing my Mum to cancer in 1995 was the biggest stimulus to warrant my sign up to this fundraiser.

Jog 31 miles in July for Cancer Research UK. 31 days in July

That’s a mile a day at best I thought… how hard could it be?

Not one to normally complain, but harder than it sounds!!!! There is back pain (3 herniated disks don’t help there), shin splints, bleeding toes, aching claves/hips/thighs/neck/shoulders – but any of these in any combination is absolutely nothing compared to the suffering that someone has to endure who actually has this disease. I choose to put myself through this by doing 1 mile a day (and I am by no means a seasoned runner!) but people with Cancer have no choice… when I feel de-motivated I only have to think about that and it’s enough, whatever the weather, off I jog. The only blessing during this hot weather is that no one can tell if it is tears or sweat as some of the runs I dedicate to people I have lost or know of who are suffering, and it can get rather emotional.

I want to thank my boss and colleagues who have allowed this on the company blog and helped get it there, and thank anyone who may be touched enough to help me, to help CRUK to fight Cancer and win….

“Together we will beat Cancer”


To donate to this amamzing charity using Paula’s link can be found here on her Facebook page.

Paula we are all here behind you! Well done!

jog 31 miles
jog 31