Partridge Hooks

Carp & Coarse

Let us show you the original carp and coarse hooks that have been around since 1980.

Partridge of Redditch the world leader of hooks have a wide range of hooks and accessories you can now buy the carp, coarse and predator hooks here at SPRITE Fishing.

In June 1980 Partridge introduced the Jack Hilton Carp Range. You will see that they are still in production today and are still very popular – truly a Carp Classic.  In the year that followed a Kevin Maddocks range was introduced; the direct result of working side by side to introduce patterns that performed to his expectations.  One of his signature patterns that remains unchanged today is the Catfish Meat Hook! Rod Hutchinson also worked on a series that remain a firm favourite, their exceptional strength making them an exceptional choice for snaggy and weedy waters. These hooks have an offset bend which assures the perfect hook-up. Partridge of Redditch has always gone to great lengths when developing specialised hooks for anglers. With developing new hooks and keeping the same high standards that we are known for. Most of the hooks original Classic Hooks are produced in black nickel with dynamic, super sharp and strong points, providing great hook holds resulting in less lost fish.  The new Specimen Series are adaptations of the classics finishes in our Grey Shadow non-reflective finish.

Partridge of Redditch