AFW 49-Strand 7×7 Shark Leader

Made from high strength, corrosion resistant Type 304 stainless steel, 49-Strand 7×7 cable provides excellent kink resistance and bite protection against Shark and other big game toothy fish. Oftentimes when a Shark strikes a bait, they twirl violently. This motion can kink single strand leader wire and can actually be more destructive to your tackle than the fierce bite. 49-Strand resists kinking, wrestles back, and allows you to hook up and haul in. Available in Bright and Camouflaged Brown. Made in USA.

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Product Details

Superior bite protection
Made from 49 strands of high strength type 304 stainless steel
Provides excellent kink resistance and bite protection against sharks and other toothy fish
Use AFW cable cutting shears for best cutting results


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