Cox & Rawle Dongle Rig Braid

  • Made in England using the best components and line available
  • Best quality Japanese line offers low memory, shock properties, strong knots and tangle-free presentation
  • Cox & Rawle Hook Patterns offer you premium hooks to assure you of the best hook-up possibilities and re-usability
  • Cox & Rawle Components offer you the smallest, strongest terminal tackle to guarantee the best possible presentation
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Product Details

Cox & Rawle Dongle Rig Braid version, a unique introduction to the British market of an idea developed by angler in South Africa. The dongle rig allows you to mount your bait directly below the hook, much like a hair rig. Not only offering exceptional aerodynamics for improved casting performance when clipped down. The Cox & Rawle Mutsu circle hooks are designed to essentially let the fish hook themselves. With a hookhold in the side jaw that can easily be removed for better conservation with catch and release.


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