Cox & Rawle Plaice Trace (Boat Drifting Rig)

  • Made in England using the best components and line available
  • Best quality Japanese line offers low memory, shock properties, strong knots and tangle-free presentation
  • Cox & Rawle Hook Patterns offer you premium hooks to assure you of the best hook-up possibilities and re-usability
  • Cox & Rawle Components offer you the smallest, strongest terminal tackle to guarantee the best possible presentation
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Product Details

The Cox & Rawle Plaice Trace is ideal for drifting over sand banks. The rig allows you to present two baits which gives added scent and also gives you a good chance of a double shot. A hooked plaice will often raise the curiosity of another nearby fish and by not reacting too quickly to the first bite it is quite likely that the second fish will swim over and take your other bait.

The rig is fitted with black and green 8mm beads which are a proven to draw more plaice to your baits.


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