Geoff Anderson Buteo Wading Jacket

Geoff Anderson Buteo Wading Jacket is a Medium-length jacket that is excellent for all kinds of fishing, including wading fishing with fly and/or spin. The jacket is also suitable for boat fishing where the high-waist-cut makes it particularly comfortable.

Also an excellent combination jacket for eg canoeing and cycling as well as trekking in connection with eg. fishing. The ”short jackets” are part of the Geoff Anderson DNA. Having made these styles for more than 20 years Geoff Anderson have set high standards within this category.



Product Details

Geoff Anderson Buteo jacket  is breathable and regulates the microclimate thanks to the combination of different technically com-posed materials. As an example, the liner is combined with microfleece where heat is required and breathable net lining where heat is released.

Geoff Anderson Buteo jacket has extra strong stitches in all heavily loaded places eg. pockets and zippers. Built-in strong magnet for attaching tools. Hypalon sleeve cap with full Velcro®. Built-in Lycra® cuffs. (Half gloves).

The Geoff Anderson Buteo is all new, but is built around their most classic jackets, which have been functionally improved and refined over more than 20 years and 40,000 jackets sold.

The Geoff Anderson Buteo has 7 pockets:

2 waterproof, spacious box pockets. The pockets are tailor-made and align themselves with the contents. The pockets even contain the large box sizes, such as CF design. These pockets have an overfold when closed which keeps the pocket protected from wave ripples and / or rain coming in. Accessory pocket with waterproof YKK® AquaGuard® zipper, Easily accessible, inside, waterproof Napoleon pocket. Inner pocket in elastic mesh lining. Large back pocket. Drained. ”Back pocket in back pocket” Elastic mesh pocket fits for example a water bottle, or thermos. The pocket is raised 25 cm inside the back pocket.

The fit of the Geoff Anderson Buteo
Swirl cap with shade that follows the movements of the head. Ideal if you wear a cap and glasses. 3-way adjustment:
1: Inner cap.
2: View / Angle.
3: Shadow.

One-piece shoulder area means less stitching and thus longer durability. An advantage when using a backpack or other type of shoulder strap equipment. Sleeve design with great freedom for casting movements when fly / spin fishing. A minimum of seams is one of the reasons this jacket will outlive most others. Sleeve lining enhances freedom of movement for all types of casting movements. Adjustable width.

Materials used within the Geoff Anderson Buteo

The System Fabric - a waterproof, breathable and durable material. In addition to heavy use in saltwater environments, The System Fabric is also machine washable, which is unique for this type of jacket. However, NEVER use wash in or compact washing products. Only use suitable soap if strictly necessary.

Geoff Anderson Buteo is, in our belief, a long-lasting all-round jacket for fishing. The Geoff Anderson Buteo is a ”four-wheel drive jacket”. A model that, thanks to its strong design and material selection, will survive most other jackets. So even you cannot ”eat” this model, durability is the most sensible when it comes to limiting the climate impact. Individual parts are eco-tex certified.


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