Geoff Anderson Merino Liner Sock

Geoff Anderson Liner Sock: The best socks you’ll ever own!

Geoff Anderson prides themselves to quote “Socks have always had our attention, but the vast amount of really good producers has kept us from throwing ourselves into production so far”.

After many years of development work Geoff Anderson have finally solved the riddle and added 3 functional improvements that differ dramatically from even the best socks you know.

  1. Maintaining the well-known comfort of Merino wool while providing an unprecedented abrasion resistance.
  2. Combined experience, dedicated research, development, and the most advanced knitting technology in the world and used it where the world’s finest merino wool originates.
  3. Elastic support strategically knitted into every sock to assist in its function. ESS™ ensures low compression promoting circulation and a sock that won’t bunch or ride down.


Product Details

ESS™ Elastic Support System

The elastic support system is where elastics are strategically knitted into a sock to assist in its function. ESS™ provides a customised fit and support by locking the sock to your foot and lower leg with minimal compression. A close snug fit is essential in helping to reduce friction and shear forces that are more likely to take place in a sloppy ill-fitting sock. Special elastic feeders are attached separately to the machine to allow for the adjustment of the tensions in the elastics within the structure of the socks to provide the support and fit needed.

Why TechnicalMerino?

Merino fibre is a natural, harmonious choice when selecting hosiery to wear next to your skin and provide protection for the foot. Sourced from only ethical suppliers who use our merino intelligently. Lightweight, strong, moisture-wicking and breathable. Its natural properties ensure it is breathable while resisting odour and maintaining low irritant qualities to preserve skin integrity. Through all these years of testing nothing has complimented Geoff Anderson's idea of making the worlds best socks, better than inventing a knitting technique that allows only wool next to skin and the synthetic components on the outside to provide abrasion resistance. Our TechnicalMerino technology makes this possible.


  • Second to none abrasion resistance
  • Pure and natural New Zealand merino wool
  • Superior softness and comfort
  • Minimal weight
  • Odour resistance
  • Temperature & moisture management
  • Extra resilience for impact protection
  • Superior microclimate

Our TechnicalMerino technology makes this possible.

Liner composition:
59% Pure new Zealand Merino Wool
30% Elastane
11% Polyamide


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