Geoff Anderson Merino WizWool Coozy Sock

Geoff Anderson Coozy Merino sock

Enjoy the natural super fine wool properties and enjoy the strength and performance of the added synthetics.

Coozy is a heavy weight sock designed to keep your feet warm as well as compress and increase circulation. Hard wearing, no nonsense sock to throw on for any kind of cold weather. Excellent to wear with waders.


Product Details

We promise

  • Pure and natural australian merino wool on the inside for more comfort
  • Reinforcement with synthetic fibers on the outer surface for more longevity
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Minimal weight
  • Odour resistance
  • Temperature & moisture management
  • Super elasticated - easy to put on
  • Superior micro climate
  • Reinforced high impact zones for extra durability

Oeko-tex certified fabrics // RWS certified Merino wool // Responsible Wool Standard

Hard wearing and comfortable. These socks take heavy duty Merino wool yarn, loop pile cushioning, reinforcing, elasticated support and superior cuff knit and put them all together.

The elastic support is where elastics are strategically knitted into a sock to assist in its function.

A close snug fit is essential in helping to reduce friction and shear forces that are more likely to take place in a sloppy ill fitting sock.
Why Technical Merino:
Merino fibre is a natural, harmonious choice when selecting hosiery to wear next to your skin and provide protection for the foot. Sourced from only ethical suppliers.

Lightweight, strong, moisture wicking and breathable. It’s natural properties ensure it is breathable while resisting odour and maintaining low irritant qualities to preserve skin integrity.
Coozy combosition:
43% Pure australian Merino Wool
3% Elastane
43% Acrylic
11% Polyamide


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