HMH Line Tender Stripping Basket

The HMH Line Tender Stripping Basket, big enough to strip line in to easily BUT not so big its in the way; 14″ wide, 12″ long and 6 3/4″ deep. With a flat bottom so the line doesn’t pile up on itself; minimizing tangles

Deep, so the line doesn’t blow out or fall out, but not so deep that you lose precious feet off your cast because the line has to make its way out of a deep, narrow hole. A well thought design featuring  a mesh bottom to drain water, and to allow you to see where you are going.

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A stripping basket just doesn’t make any sense unless it is functional. The sad thing is there are ‘baskets’ out there that focus on gimmicks or may look cool, but really don’t help you cast.

The LineTender, get the best of all worlds. The LineTender is the best stripping and shooting basket. It cradles your line conveniently and out of the way of your feet, boat cleats, rushing water or crashing waves, and lets the line shoot out on your forward cast, which is perfectly timed and aimed to intercept that fish of a lifetime you’ve been stalking for two hours.

Big when you need it, and small when you don’t, The LineTender is portable. It packs away quickly and easily in the supplied pouch (with belt loops so it stays with you as long as you need it.) It also has a handy front pocket for tippets, leaders and other essential small items.



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