Hunt’s High & Dry

A pure silica powder with added desiccant, perfect for those who prefer to shake tubs rather than brush-on powder. Ideal for larger CDC and deer hair patterns.

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Ideal for larger CDC and less delicate dry fly patterns. Simply leave the fly on the leader, place the fly in the powder and close the lid but don't snap shut, gently shake for a few seconds and remove. Your fly will now be coated in powder and will sit perfectly on the surface.

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1 review for Hunt’s High & Dry

  1. Amie Battams Battams (verified owner)

    Whist I’m fishing I spend most of it extremely wet because that’s what happens when your having a good time and its raining but, sometimes you need a break! The nymphs aren’t working and you need to use a dry, shake it up with this stuff and you wont go far wrong no matter how wet conditions are.

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