Hunt’s Slime and Grime

Slime & Grime is a tub that contains thousands of super absorbent beads that soak up moisture from your fly patterns, but the will not stick to the fly. It is the perfect solution for removing fish slime from your favourite fly. The beads are non toxic and will turn from orange to clear when they run out of life.

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  • Leave the fly on the leader
  • Pop the lid and place the soaked fly in the Slime & Grime
  • Close the lid and gently shake for 5-10 seconds
  • Remove the fly and re-apply your favourite Hunt’s Original treatment

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1 review for Hunt’s Slime and Grime

  1. Andrew

    Used for the first time last night worked perfectly. Just before dark the larger residents of the river started to feed so had last few casts. Cleaned fly beautifully after first fish allowed me to carry on with no light available to tie on new fly👍👍👍

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