Hunt’s Up High

Up High Hunt’s first offering to the world of float gels. With so many available on the market today Hunt’s wanted to try and set themselves apart from the rest.

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Containing only the finest ingredients possible Hunt's developed a product that contains less of what you don’t need and more of what you do in order to keep that fly ‘UP HIGH’ and floating longer. This silky-smooth gel offers fantastic performance in even the toughest of conditions, meaning you stay fishing longer. Up High is the perfect treatment for all your dry flies, neither clogging hackles or leaving a slick on the water and used sparingly it can even be worked into CdC!

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1 review for Hunt’s Up High

  1. Amie Battams Battams (verified owner)

    I love nothing more than having my Hunts up high! A little goes a very long way with this Hunt’s Gel and i love a good Hunt’s product, Hunt’s are great Hunt’s are reliable, in Hunts we trust!

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