Marryat Tactical Graphen

The ultimate range dedicated to modern nymph fishing!

Introducing four new rods combining the latest nano-fibre technology with Marryat’s EURO-Nymphing expertise to create the ultimate range dedicated to light line river nymphing. A range that compliments the Tactical Pro series rods, offering the finest Euro-Nymphing experience available.

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Never before have light line and river anglers had so many advanced techniques to choose from – Marryat have led the development and advances in EURO-style and competition style rods and created a range of technique specific rods with a proven track record in international river competitions world-wide. Months of research and testing by world champions have resulted in some game changing benefits for serious anglers with the introduction of the Marryat Graphen range.

  • Marryat ‘Graphene’ combines with high and high-intermediate modulus carbon fibre to produce ultra-light blanks delivering their lightest swing weights yet.
  • Combining the demands of EURO-nymphing and dry fly presentation.
  • Prioritisation of balance especially for long models.
  • Optimal balance, favouring tip recovery without compromising speed for a more directional blank and therefore a gain in precision.
  • Designed for use with full monofilament leaders with a diameter of 0.50 - 0.55mm or with a fly line of AFTM 2- or 3-weight.
  • New reel seat configuration enables the use of automatic / ‘trigger’ reels.

Ultra-light weight blank finished in low flash matt brown, with alignment dots.

FUJI SIC combined with hard chrome rings for the 8ft 8in and Recoil rings for long rod models. Hard chrome tip rings.

Reel seat:
Up-locking for the 8ft 8in and down-locking for the three nymphing rods. Aviation-grade aluminium and hardwood inserts for all.

A slim diameter of 26mm coupled with a length of 165mm facilitates the use of trigger reels. AAAA-grade cork and fighting / balancing butt.

Models available:

8ft 8in 3-weight

10ft 6in 3-weight

10ft 9in 2- / 3-weight

11ft 2in 2- / 3-weight



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