Marryat Tactical PRO Nymph Special Rod

European Nymphing techniques have their roots in the Czech Republic however things have
moved on in recent years. The driver behind both tackle and rod developments has been the
competition scene, where it is important to fish quickly with long leaders and two nymphs in fast currents.
This method was adopted very quickly and finessed by other national teams as the style-of-choice.
France, Italy and especially Spain have evolved this technique to fish seemingly impossible runs and
pocket water and produce fish.

Marryat have combined their extensive experience and know-how to develop the Tactical PRO 10ft 6in and 11ft 6in
3-weight NYMPH SPECIAL – a performance rod with versatile features:

-A sufficiently long blank to make long
drifts on the leader

-A perfectly balanced blank to fish for
hours with an outstretched arm

-A lively blank to control a very long
leader while presenting two nymphs

-A blank that is responsive to the
strike when using a long leader

-Ring spacing designed to prevent the
line from backing down the rod

-Down-locking reel seat for better
balance and line control

HERE you can read about the Marryat Tactical Pro Nymph special from Pete Buckey, explaining why they are the best Nymphing rods you can buy

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