Marryat Tactical Sea rod

Marryat TACTICAL Sea series rods are the result of years of technical research combined with input from some of the world’s most talented fishermen. First and foremost, these are fishing rods! They are really good at casting a long line with tight loops but don’t be fooled, there is more to fishing than distance. From the moment you get a Tactical SEA rod in your hand you can tell that is different – it is very light and quite tippy when you feel the action, so you can easily cast it all day.

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The modern fast action makes it powerful and accurate yet it is sensitive and responsive enough to fish on the fine tippet when stalking the flats at close quarters. The hook up reveals these rods to be truly different – sensitivity and accuracy unlike other ‘casting rods,’ Marryat TACTICAL Sea rods are designed to play trophy fish on fine tackle without getting broken!

The Tactical SEA series is newly introduced and starts out with all the features to become the classic, 9 foot 8-weight for Bone fish and the 10-weight Tarpon so is quite capable of casting heavier tackle with the same ease. Reviewed as probably the best value premium rods available these rods are true to their line rating, unlike many of their American counterparts “8-means-8”.


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