SPRITE Barbless Scud S2499

Barbless Scud. 1X short, 1X strong down-eyed and reversed make this pattern suitable for all kninds of nymphs, shrimps and sowbugs

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Product Details

Hook Guide Category: TROUT
Style: Single
Barb type: barbless
Group SKU: S2100
Name: Barbless Buzzer
Colour: Bronze
Sizes in range: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18

1 review for SPRITE Barbless Scud S2499

  1. Bob Preston

    These are my number one hooks for scud/shrimp patterns. Very strong, very reliable and I love that dull grey finish. Do not change a thing – these are the best hooks I have used in over 50 years of fly tying during which I have used scores of different makes.

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