SPRITE 6-hook Mackerel Feathers

For fishing when targeting All Baitfish Species, like Mackerel, Codling, Whiting, Pouting

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#1/0, 6-Hook Mackerel Feathers: Multi-coloured soft feathers make these Mackerel Feathers an ideal attractor when fishing for bait species like Mackerel, Codling, Whiting, and Pouting.  They are assembled with a premium high-quality materials and super sharp fishing premium hooks making them durable and long-lasting.

Induced Takes: The different coloured feathers, with their realistic action are designed to hide the hook and helps you land more fish. The attractor bait appears very delicate and lively, so you catch more fish. Each individual hook is decorated as a lures, tied like a saltwater fly like those used when fly fishing.

Easy to Use: These 6-hook Mackerel Feathers are packed on a handy card to enable easy removal from the packet. You can easily use them tangle-free, allowing the rigs to connect the fishing line and lead weight and be ready for fishing immediately.

Flexible Use: 6-hook Mackerel Feathers can be successfully fished off boats, piers, jetties, or any structure over the water, and are ideal when fishing offshore, onshore, over rough-ground, clean-ground, shingle, and estuary.

Hook Size - #1/0

Main Line – 0.6mm monofilament 60lbs

Snood – 0.5mm monofilament 50lbs


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