SPRITE 6-hook Sabiki Rigs

SPRITE 6-hook Sabiki Rigs for Beach and Boat Sea Fishing when targeting any Baitfish Species, like Mackerel, Pollack, Bass, Codling, Whiting, Pouting


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Product Details

This range contains a series of 6-hook Sabiki Rigs, each rig has six premium hooks and is available in four hook sizes, #8, #10, #12, and #14.  Each hook branch / snood comes with luminous green attractor beads to increase your catch rate.

High-Quality Hooks: Coral Sabiki Rigs are tied on high quality barbed hooks are made of anti-rust gold plated high carbon steel, making them very strong and will not break apart or bend easily and has good resistance to rust in both freshwater and seawater. Great for catching Mackerel, Pollack, Codling, Whiting, Pouting and Bass in saltwater when boat or beach casting.

Anti-Tangle Swivel Snap: Our Sabiki Rigs incorporate 2-in-1 Sea Fishing Crane-Swivel-Snap design enables you to replace lures, leaders, sinkers and lines in seconds. Having as swivel at each end of the rig helps when catching and landing multiple fish, it helps to prevent the snoods tangling the case of force can also be flexible rotation, not hurt the fishing line and anti-tangle.

High-Quality Line: Coral Sabiki Rigs are made using high-quality monofilament, with higher breaking strain than most similar products so you can land all the fish you hook on the rig, especially when making multiple hook-ups; Main Line up to 60lbs and Branch / Snood Line up to 50lbs.

Sabiki Rigs: Sabiki Rigs are great for both beach and boat fishing especially when targeting Mackerel, Bass, Pollack, Cod, Whiting, and Pouting.  There’s no need for bait as each hook assembly is delivered, ready tied, with red attractor heads, iridescent flash, luminous beads and gold-plated hooks, saving you time on the water to get you fishing straight away.


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