SPRITE Heavy Match Grub S1110

1X short, 1X heavy wire grub hook to give that extra weight when needed to sink a pattern fast – ideal for shrimps, sowbugs and heavy nymphs.

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Product Details

Hook Guide Category: TROUT
Style: Single
Barb type: micro-barb
Group SKU: S1110
Name: Heavy Match Grub
Colour: Bronze
Sizes in range: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16
50, 1000

1 review for SPRITE Heavy Match Grub S1110

  1. Stuart Smitham (verified owner)

    This is a strong hook. I use it for copper tail nymphs. Takes a gold bead and has a very smooth curve, which is important for me. I use this barbed pattern, because I fish it New Zealand style and the barb stops the dropper from coming off. Quite a large eye so will take some of the thicker tippet strengths too. Don’t go cheap on hooks. They are your only link, to what could be the fish if a lifetime!

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