Varivas All Purpose Fluorocarbon Standard Tapered Leader 9 ft

All Purpose Fluorocarbon Leaders are based on the VARIVAS Standard Taper. With a clear butt section and a clear tip to aid stealth by being virtually invisible. Available in 9 foot length. Standard Taper is 40% butt and a gradual taper over 40% and 20% point. The ULTIMATE for stealth and river use.

STANDARD ST leader made from fluorocarbon has a time-tested conventional design, but the combination of modern material and our proprietary Super Tough Coating delivers superior performance. The beefy butt helps the powerful presentation of the heaviest of flies, and the low visibility fools the fish. Takes are transmitted to the angler crisply, and high abrasion resistance assists in landing the largest fish.

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Product Details

VARIVAS’s Tapered Leader – ‘Standard ST’ has been reborn.  Reinvented with greater flexibility and durability. New design features include:  a reformulated material combined with fluorocarbon, plus two (2) high-tech coatings — SP-T (Super Tough) and NON (Non-Stress) coatings.

  • A versatile tapered leader for skill levels and settings, novice to pro, freshwater to salt.
  • Fluorocarbon material
  • Invisible in the water
  • Smaller end diameter to match the thickness of the tippet
  • Specially coated for reduced surface friction, increased durability, and prevention of water absorption


EAN: 4 513498 047472

Colour: Transparent 


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