Varivas Master Spec II Super Tippet Fluoro 30m

Varivas Master Spec II Fluorocarbon Tippet offers unrivalled abrasion resistance for both fresh and saltwater making it perfect when fishing for Salmon, Sea Trout, Trout, Grayling and all kinds of Predator and Saltwater species.

  • The density of fluorocarbon helps turnover even in adverse conditions.
  •  Low visibility = Catch more fish.
  • Takes are transmitted to the angler crisply due to low stretch.
  • Improved suppleness by 10% (in-house comparison) for ease of knotting and rigging.
  • Smooth Tech Coating reduces surface friction and water absorption and increases durability and flexibility.

Size: #0.3 ~ #4 / -2X ~ 8X / 1.7 lb. – 19.5 lb. / 25m / 30m Color: Natural clear * With sight mark lines that shows the remaining 10m (PATENTED)

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Product Details

We are very proud to offer you the best tippet line on the market: Varivas Fluorocarbon Super Tippet Master Spec. It is made by Morris Co, Japan,  the most famous producer of fishing lines and carbon fibres dedicated to the fishing and aeronautical industry. We tested and measured this line in the Physics lab at University and the size and brake point are the same as producer specifications.

This line has a special "Resin Coating" and "Non-Stress coatings" special made. Based on those special treatments, this tippet is ultra-flexible and excellent for fly presentation at the same time

Fluorocarbon has almost the same refractive index as water, in this way being almost invisible to fish.

Technical Details:

  • Resin Coating
  • Non-Stress Coating
  • 30 meters per spool
  • 100% fluorocarbon
  • Ultra flexible
  • Superior knot and ablation strength
  • slim spools protected with a ring
  • suits on almost all kinds of spool holders

Colour: Clear

Length: 30m


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