VARIVAS Master VEP Shooting Line

VARIVAS Master VEP Shooting Line is the result of years of experience combined with VEP know-how to deliver the perfect product for specialist fly-anglers. Designed as a running line for shooting-head systems, the VEP mono-core gives it super fine properties and results in the thinnest diameters and a slick durable finish for achieving the ultimate distance.

Length: 100 meter spool with half-way indicator mark at 50 meters.

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Product Details

The advantages of Nylon taken to the MAX.

  • A floating, shooting line made with VARIVAS’s original, ultra-high abrasion-resistant, VEP nylon monofilament.  VARIVAS’s most durable nylon line.
  • An easy-to-handle, moderately stiff, wind-resistant line that doesn’t curl.
  • Proprietary, VARIVAS SP-F fluoro-resin coating suppresses water absorption, prevents deterioration from UV light, and enhances line durability.
  • 100-meter spool, with a halfway indicator mark at 50 meters.

Colour: Highly visible Powder Pink

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