WizTool hook Sharpener

The Geoff Anderson WizTool hook sharpener will sharpen your precious fishing hooks or pocket knife for that matter. This sharpener is designed for hooks that still have a decent basic sharpness and just require fine, cutting edge honing. This Aluminium Trioxide Ceramic stone is a great tool to ensure optimum sharpness for your hooks making sure you catch more fish (hopefully).


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Product Details

Geoff Anderson's WizTool magnet is a perfect match for the sharpener enable you to mount it on your jacket or vest. With this match, you can pull of the sharpener and easily place it back after use. WizTool Sharpener has various sides with different angles for sharpening and smoothing. 2 flat sides, 2 v-shaped polish tracks, and finally a tiny drilled hole for fine-tuning the hook point. Measured according to the Japanese JIS scale (Japanese Industrial Standard), our whetstone has a grain of 3000. This ensures absolute sharpness and a mirror-polished edge and point.


Assembled and quality tested in Denmark.

Packaging is FSC certified and produced in Denmark.

Weight: 28 gram


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