Geoff Anderson WizTool Peang

The Geoff Anderson Peang has a magnitude of functions, it will de-barb your hook; crimp split shot, aid in unhooking fish, scissors to cut line, and un-blocking hook eyes.

The Powerful jaws provide excellent gripping strength, aiding un-hooking tricky hook holds.
The Peang features a neat little pin head that can unblock hook eyes. Fitted with a practical magnet attachment for excellent freedom of movement.


  • Smooth Tip Part
  • Jagged Jaws
  • Eye Clearing Needle
  • Japanese Stainless Steel
  • Locking
  • Rubber Grip


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Product Details

Squeeze the spring-loaded clamp through the ratchets to release. To close, squeeze until the ratchets lock.

Manufactured using Japanese Surgical Stainless Steel
Manufactured using Japanese surgical stainless steel with a balanced content of Carbon making it ideal for producing the highest quality tools. Geoff Anderson WizTools are also resistant to corrosion and staining.

Extra Features:
Fitted with a large loop with a comfortable rubber grip.
This plier will fit directly onto the newer Geoff Anderson jackets where magnets are already integrated. If you are not lucky enough to own a Geoff Anderson jacket - the Peang comes with a magnet part you can install  in your own jacket.

Assembled and quality tested in Denmark.

Packaging is FSC certified and produced in Denmark.

60 gram

1 review for Geoff Anderson WizTool Peang

  1. Amie Battams Battams (verified owner)

    This is wicked! I love the eye cleaning needle. Its got all you need in one tool alright, it wont make you a coffee or hold you at night but its still worth spending a lifetime with.

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