With over 30 years in hooks behind us we are the brand to use.

Sprite was started by Vince Green to continue the traditional hook making heritage that he and his father Ted Green had been taught at A. E. Partridge & Sons in Redditch, Worcestershire.

Sprite products always covered the bases when it came to the classics, so in 2020 it was high time to introduce both contemporary barbed patterns and a Competition Barbless Range for the growing Euro Nymphing market. Our inspiration is the timeless bronze colour of our hooks and the masters of Czech, Polish, Spanish, and French nymphing on the FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship scene So now, using the latest materials fly dressers can produce both contemporary and classic patterns – from the latest Euro Nymphing patterns like Perdigon Nymphs, contemporary patterns such as Blobs, Crunchers and Squirmy Worms to Classics like Catskill Dries, North Country Spiders, Buzzers, Czech Nymphs and even Tenkara Kebari.

This site is dedicated to the evolution of hooks and anglers around the world who are in effect today’s guardians of our river and lake resources. Since 2020 we have completely overhauled of our facilities to ensure that we have least environmental impact possible. We recycle waste, as any responsible business should – but also run our entire business as a low-energy operator, using the smallest, lightest packaging possible and using recycled packaging in our distribution of product.

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Photos Credits: Top – Andrea Malzanini  Left – Rafal Kniec

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