Simple Buck Tail from Alois Trübner


This is a simple bucktail or flash streamer that can be tied and fished in many different colors. Here it is tied on the Sprite Hook – S1087 Predator Single Heavy Wire in size 8/0. 

This is a great fly for the simple reason it should bring big fish safely into the net and it does that very well. I like to tie bucktail and flashe on these thick wired hooks, because their weight allows them to reliably bring large quantities of bucktails to the desired depth without adding weight to them. In addition, the S1087 is incredibly sharp and can therefore be hooked very well without any problems, even despite its thick wire.

All in all a successful power pack that makes fishing for big Predators much easier. But let’s get to the fly now.

Belknap Streamer

Alois’s flash streamer or simple bucktail.

Here there are 3 tie-in points that allow us to tie the fly quickly and reliably.

Start at the arch of the hook with a little bucktail from the tip of the tail where the fibers are thin and less hollow. Then integrate the first tapered amount of flash directly in front of it.

Secure with a little superglue and reverse tie the Bucktail from the middle of the tail on half of the hook leg and after evenly distributing it. Turn it over to the back and cover it with the thread, holding it with a lot of pressure using your index finger and thumb while you tighten the tie point.

Use a stable thread for this, here I used the Semperfli Nano Silk in 100DEN. A perfect thread for the job! Just be careful not to pull too hard and cut the bucktail with it.

Still securing with your fingers … by doing this it creates a high back profile and ensures the sides are flat. You don’t have to, but everyone can decide for themselves. The flash, you must make sure that it is well tapered, otherwise your streamer will look like a bundle of flash. The taper in the streamer also has to be consistent and not everything about flash may end on the same level.

Now we come to the last tie-in point, the head.

Make it very easy and take the bucktail from the root of the tail, place it with the tips in the direction of the hook arch. Distribute it evenly around the hook shank and secure it with a few wraps. The last turn Flash follows, which is now relatively short but still tapered. Turn it inside out and secure it with a few wraps and a final knot. Don’t forget superglue.

The eyes can now be glued on. Use any size eyes you require, here I used 8mm. I topped it up and covered it with my favorite resin from Raidzap. That makes the fly durable and beautiful too. A bite point like this should never be underestimated.

I hope you enjoy trying it out. Best regards, Alois

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