Sprite Barbless dry fly 2401

This is one of our most popular trout hooks.

Our ever growing range of hooks is becoming increasingly popular area of fly fishing and fly tying. If you have tried our hooks which is your favourite?

Today we are going to look at one of our most popular trout hooks the Barbless Dry S2401.  What makes this hook so popular?

Let’s have a closer look…

The SPRITE Barbless dry comes in 7 different sizes from #8 through to #20. Made in a matt bronze you can instantly tell it is a SPRITE hook. The hook is standard length, using standard wire so ideal for all dry flies and fine wire nymphs.

If you visit our social media you will see that the this  is a favourite in our PRO-Team too. There are some amazing patterns and also some great videos, have a look for some inspiration when you sample these hooks. Below, is a selevtion of recent images using the SPRITE Barbless Dry.

Today we wanted to share with you a video that our PRO-Team member Shane has just released on his YouTube channel Iron Fly Fishing.

We hope you enjoy it and hopefully give you some inspiration when trying out the SPRITE Barbless Dry.

SPRITE Barbless Dry

SPRITE Barbless Dry #16     Photo credit: Rafał Knieć


Photo credits: Andrea Malzanini, Nicola Damaschi

We hope that you have enjoyed the video and the inspiring images from our PRO-Team members. If you are looking to try the SPRITE Barbless Dry for yourself you can find them here – Remember that orders over £10 are delivered free*