SPRITE barbless dry review

By  Joe Russell Fly Tying

Joe has been a great user of our hooks for a while so when we asked him for a review he was only to glad to help. This is his review of the SPRITE Streamer hook.

First time trying out the SPRITE barbless streamer hook and first impression are excellent, they have a good solid feel to the hook and they are super sharp with a nice long curved needle point. They come in a nice bronze finish and are finished to a high standard.

It’s one thing to look at them though and another to actually fish with them so I had to get on the vise and make some classic wooly buggers and get out onto the highland lochs and fish with them so I could be true on my Review of these hooks.

So, after hitting the vise and making a few streamers up I can say that I really enjoyed tying on them, as I mentioned earlier, they are a really smooth hook and great for tying on and a perfect hook for what they are made for (streamers) with the slightly longer shank and super sharp needle point.

I had to head up out to lochs with the streamers I had made earlier and I was ready for a day’s fishing. After having a blast with hook up after hook up on the streamers, all I can say is these hooks hold well and are perfect for streamer fishing for wild brown trout and hopefully many more species in the near future.

They held really well, kept there shape and had no problems all day, good solid hooks.

Would Recommend.



SPRITE Barbless Dry

Photos supplied Joe Russell

SPRITE streamer

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Barbless Streamer. 3X long, 1X heavy wire makes this hook suitable for streamers, lures and long-shanked nymphs

SPRITE Streamer