SPRITE Heavy Salmon Single

Irritator Salmon

Ashton Goodyear

Ashton Goodyear

Sprite Pro Team

Hook: SPRITE Heavy Salmon S1190 #4

Black Floss

Silver tinsel

red fox squirrel tail

Black bear hair or Black squirrel tail

White Hen saddle

SPRITE Heavy Salmon

Start your first thread wraps just around the middle of the return eye. 

Wrap your thread from where you started, down the shank so it is just in front of where the hook point starts; to get a thread base; then wrap back up to the drop off of the return eye and tie in a strand of silver tinsel on the bottom of the shank.

Tie your tinsel in at the point where you stopped your thread base, and wrap 3 to 4 turns of tinsel for the tag, then tie it in. Tie in the tinsel all the way up to the return eye drop off.Wrap back down to the ending of your tag and tie in two strands of black floss.

Fold back the two strands so they create a small loop that extends past the hook bend.Snip the loop you just created in half so it creates 4 strands of floss in the tail. Manipulate the floss tail by lengthening or shortening the amount in the tail by pulling the strands of floss so the tail becomes less flayed out, then snip to the desired length.

Under the tie in point of the tail on the bottom of the shank, tie in a strand of silver tinsel for the rib.Wrap your thread forwards and cover up the black floss and tinsel just up the hook shank until you get to the return eye, then remove the excess.Tie in a strand of black floss for your body on the side of the hook that is facing you, then wrap back towards the beginning of the tail using touching wraps.

When you get back to the beginning of the tail with your black floss, wrap back up the shank again using tight, touching turns and tie In the floss when you get half way up the return eye.After the black floss is tied in, wrap your silver tinsel in equally spaced counterclockwise turns until there is five ribs on the side of the fly facing you.Whip finish your white thread, then switch to a Black size 8/0 thread, and tie it on over the white thread that you whip finished.

Wax your thread and select a small clump of red fox squirrel tail and tie it in for the first half of the wing. (Don’t use too much squirrel, as it may bulk up quickly in the head. And feel free to add a small drop of superglue to the wing to keep it in place better.) Select a clump of black squirrel tail or black bear hair similar in size to the first clump of red fox squirrel tail, and tie in on top of the first half of the wing. (Again, you can add a drop of superglue to keep in place and make the fly more durable.)

Select an appropriately sized hackle for the collar of the fly. Strip off all the marabou at the base of the stem, fold back the hackle at the tip of the feather, then snip into a triangle shape as pictured.

Tie in the white hen saddle hackle that you just prepared at the top of the head. (Make sure to wax the thread and add another drop of superglue to keep it from slipping) Palmer back the barbules of the hen saddle hackle, then proceed to wrap forwards to where the head ends and then tie in the hackle, then whip finish.

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