Sprite S1052 Saltwater Single

White and Pearl Saltwater Streamer

Allan Liddle

Allan Liddle

Sprite Pro Team

Hook: Sprite Saltwater Single #6–10

Thread: Semperfli Pearl Microglint

Tail (From Bottom to Top): White Bucktail, White Predator Fibre(Semperfli), Pearl Krinkleflash (Semperfli).

Body: Tying Thread.

Thorax: Florescent Red Gulff UV resin

Eyes: 4.0mm Silver Stick-On Eyes

Finish: Gulff Flexman UV resin.

Chasing fish in the surf is a passion of mine and I love to search likely areas with Streamer / Baitfish style patterns and this one is a simple tie but also very successful.

I also use this when searching deep drop off areas with a sunk line seeking our Pollock and being so easy / quick to tie there’s no real upset caused when you lose a few on the rocks.It’s also a handy very simple pike predator pattern or tied with a shorter tail it could also double up as a nice fry pattern for our reservoir fish making it a lot more versatile than simply for saltwater use.

Step One

Set hook in vice, catch in thread and tie in small amount of white bucktail.

Step Two

Catch in white predator fibre keeping slightly longer than bucktail.

Step Three

Catch in Pearl Krinkleflash keeping length slightly longer than section below.

Step Four

Form body of fly with thread.

Step Five

Stick on eyes.

Step Six

Cover body with UV resin.

Step Seven

Form thorax with florescent red uv resin.

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