S1800: Olive Collard Heron Fly

Article written and flies tied by Scott Biron

Scott Biron

Scott Biron

Partridge PRO- Team

This is a version of Nick Lambrou’s Olive Heron fly pattern. This version is a simple two material pattern tied on a Sprite S1800 in size 10. Every fall I end the season fishing a remote pond in New Hampshire with a good friend of mine. We fish it in memory of a fellow angler and fly tyer Ellis Hatch who passed away several years ago. In fact the land surrounding the pond is named after Ellis because of his many contributions to promoting and preserving wildlife in the state.

The pond holds sizeable brook trout that are getting ready tospawn and they crush this fly when they see it. We always say “make sure your feet are set because when the fish hit this fly you need to be ready”. These Sprite hooks are very strong and made on superior steel which is why we use and trust them with these large fish.

Hook: Sprite S1800 #10 & 12

Wing: Lemon woodduck

Collar: Olive Ewing Hen

Head: Olive

#1 start the thread back from the eye an eye width. Then I lay down a thread base just shy of the middle of the shank.

#2 The wood duck is tied in at the tip. Usually you need to leave 45 fibers per side to be used as your tie in area.

#3 Wood duck is strong so it will hold up well with just a few fibers tied in. Cover and trim off the waste making sure you leave ample space for the collar.

#4 Palmer the wood duck forward making sure that you draw the feathers back on each turn. If you do this correctly (it takes practice) the fiber will all point rearward nicely.

#5 Tie in the tip of the olive hen. Then take 4 turns to make a nice collar. Make a small head and you are done.

This is what we consider a must for every anglers fly box.

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