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SPRITE Scud S2499:

Steve Skuce’s Ginger Tom

Ben Beckwith

The SPRITE S2499 Scud is a barbless hook which is suitable for all kinds of nymphs among other patterns. Perfect for grayling fishing. Here Ben Beckwith walks you through how to tie a Ginger Tom with a Twist! 

This is a simple yet effective pattern that Ben is walking through, the difference to the original Ginger Tom is that it has a bit of sparkle. This was introduced to Ben by his friend Lee Hooper.

sprite scud

The Ginger Tom with a twist!

““Grayling: Lady of the stream.”

– Steve Skuce


Hook: SPRITE S2499 Scud #16-18

Bead: 3-2mm copper tungsten bead

Thread: 8/0 light cahill

Tail: Brown pheasant tail

Rib: Small copper wire

Flashback: Uni pearl medium

Body: Ginger hare fur

Thorax: Life cycle nymph dubbing dark brown

Rite Bobbin tools

Tying Squence 1-3

Step 1 – Catch in the thread and build a base behind the bead to hold it in place. 

Step 2 – Catch in 3 strands of pheasant tail and tie it down to the bend of the hook. You only want a short tail.  

Step 3 – Tie back up to the bead and cut of the waste piece. Then tie in the rib and flashback making sure to keep both on top of the hook. Tie in touching turns down to the tail.

Rite Bobbin tools
Whip Finisher
Rite Bobbin tools
Whip Finisher

Tying sequence 4-6

Step 4 –  Form a dubbing rope and wrap up the body starting with a sparse amount of dubbing and increase it as you wrap up the body to form a taper. 

Step 5 – Pull the flashback over the back of the fly and tie it off. Then wrap the rib up. When you are happy with the positioning of the flashback trim off the waste and wiggle the wire until it breaks. 

Step 6 – Dub a small amount of the life cycle nymph dubbing onto the thread and warp it for the thorax. Then tie off and the fly is complete.

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